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Clive Gannon 0402 825 262
Clive Gannon
0402 825 262
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Are you bored ? Got some spare time? Like to make a few Dollars? Are good with numbers? Then read this !
The Only Lifestyle Business in Australia Where You Can Try It For 28 Days FREE Want To Work From Your Laptop To Your Own Schedule? Earn As Little Or As Much As $50,000 To $300,000 + Per Annum? - Review our 9 years Of Daily Trading Statistics and Results? - Receive a complete turnkey business with training and support all included? - And Test It Out For Yourself For 28 Days FREE With No Obligation? Testimonial -After having looked and bought a number of what looked like "systems" that Ended up being nothing more than hit -and -miss schemes, I was very pleased and relieved to finally find an actual system, that has rules to follow and are easy to follow and understand also; I have found Clive to be extremely helpful and patient with my Many questions and look forward to using this awesome system to Help me achieve the lifestyle I've Been looking for. Highly recommend it... Fabian Cabello Melbourne 26-07-2016 First of all this is not a Thoroughbred Racing Industry system that guarantee and picks horse race winners. No one has that skill and if they say they do run! This system is based on the Probability of Statistics and has had great success with positive returns for its licensees since 2000.
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Who Are We? Clive Gannon and Brad Gannon of Freedom Securities and a select few Australians have been using a developed an Easy to Use Computer Programme that gives entrepreneurs, retirees and many others the opportunity to make income from the huge pool of money available in the New South Wales TAB. This System does not pick horse race winners as no one can do that. It is based on the Probability of Statistics and has had great success with positive returns for its licensee's since 2000. Try It For 28 Days FREE! We know in the early days Thoroughbred Racing Industry systems similar to this have attracted unsavoury operators due to a few bad apples making outlandish promises. Ours wasn't one of them and to proof how confident we are in our Thoroughbred Racing Industry system you can try it for 28 days FREE on us with no obligation so you can test it for yourself. Who is this turnkey business suited for? This turnkey business has proven perfect for Entrepreneurs, white-collar professionals, Housewife's, retiree's and many others who desire.... Part or full time income of between $50,000 to $300,000 + per annum. The freedom to work when they want from where they want Daily Cash Flow Access to your $$$ Winnings And much more What do you need? Unlike many of the Thoroughbred Racing Industry systems you'll find online making outlandish promises we do not operate that way. All you need is: Basic computer skills An Internet connection A love of numbers and while analytical skills are an advantage full training is provided Discover more about this highly sought after business opportunity today and organise a 28-day FREE trial if it suits. Currently Freedom Securities are accepting expressions of interest from people interested in this opportunity with prices starting at $49,500 with a small yearly Licence fee however licenses are strictly limited. To express your interest please and find out more about this exclusive Thoroughbred Racing Industry system and how it may benefit you please register your interest by: Phoning Clive Gannon on 61402825262 Or alternatively email Clive directly at: About Freedom Securities...Freedom Securities is a unique work from anywhere such as your home, office or and almost any location. This business utilises a specially designed Software Programme that allows the operator to successfully invest on the Thoroughbred Racing industry via the TAB, in Australia and Overseas, across all Racing codes in many different time zones.It does not pick winners of horse races as no one or system can do that!! What it does do is give you the software and an operating system based on the Probability of Statistics where the investment is spread over form Runners, which minimises your risk.

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Business Ref: 1267 Status: Available Price: $49,500
Business Ref: 1267
Status: Available
Price: $49,500